WSE (Warband Script Enhancer) For Latest Warband

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WSE is a program that enhances the Warband engine by adding operations/scripts/triggers and changing hardcoded game mechanics. Also fixes some engine bugs. This for Warband version starting from 1.70. If you are looking WSE for older Warband version click here:
WSE 3.2.0

In the new warband updates were about 10% functional of WSE. Since the development of WSE the abandoned by author, I decided to port WSE of their own under the new patches. It’s hard work to reverse engineering and time-consuming. And my knowledge is not so great like a cmpxchg8b. So I’ll be grateful for help.

Steam currently not supported! Use vanille 1170 exe.


WSE (Warband Script Enhancer) 4.5.0

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Version: 4.5.0


Download WSE
Extract the files to the Warband root directory. (not into the Modules)
Edit wse_settings.ini
Run WSELoader


Download WSE
Enhance the Module System with the files…

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