WSE (Warband Script Enhancer) 3.2.0

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WSE is a program that enhances the Warband engine by adding operations/scripts/triggers and changing hardcoded game mechanics. This is for older Warband versions. If you need WSE for Warband 1.70 or above look here: WSE For Latest Warband patches

WSE fixes some engine bugs, including one that causes very frequent crashes. It also log crash data, so that the ones still present might be reported and fixed easily.
In addition to that, there are some integrated tools that you might find useful, like the memory optimizer.
If you’re hosting a server under Wine you might want to use the Script Enhancer to avoid an engine bug that causes global variable corruption and other issues.


WSE (Warband Script Enhancer) 3.2.0

3.14 MB 172 downloads
Version: 3.2.0

This is an update to the v3.1.5 copy of WSE currently included in Silverstag. It should help folks with newer copies of the game get past the ‘invalid key’ problem.

Download WSE


  • The cRPG team (aka donkey crew), for many ideas, support and being awesome in general
  • Vincenzo, for the discussion that inspired me to create this tool
  • And the countless modders who contributed with ideas and bug reports

External software:

Open Game Protocol

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