Tectron 415 sugar beet v 3.0 [MP]

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Tectron 415 sugar beet v 3.0

Tectron 415 sugar beet v 3.0

I have times the well-known Tektron 415 to a sugar beet roder rebuilt also he was from the watchmoder which I unfortunately do not know otherwise I would have mentioned him here, does not want me adorn with strange feathers ? to a width of 10.40M enlarged besides He is with his cheap purchase btw rental price also suitable for small or beginner farms to get the first turnips for the beasts from the earth.

Yes some will say the thing garp it so not at all, but I had no desire to rerais several HA with a 4M wide machine but who does not fit it does not have to download it.

Clean log

No more chilling required

Working width

60,000 capercity

69.900 Purchase price

5.520 Rent price



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