Rumbler Van Service V3.0

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Version 3
Ic Control for the two doors
Door opener for the driver’s door
Behrahrerscript built in

Today I will provide you with my Rumbler Van service.
Information about mod:
Price: 68.000 €
Price per day: 40 €
Ps: 140 Ps
Km / h: 120
Fuel: 50 l

Seed filling on the hedges
Fill liquid fertilizer at the hedges
Fuel refuel at the right sliding door
Normal fertilizer filling on the left sliding door
Authorized letter Installed
The doors can be opened by mouse.
You can configure the color and the rims color
Log is error-free!
Lg DeutzFahrer112

Modell: Giants
Textur: Giants
Idee / Konzept: DeutzFahrer112
Tester: DeutzFahrer112
Sonstige: DeutzFahrer112


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