Kraz 255 v3 1.27

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ETS 2 Mods
ETS 2 Mods –

– Minor corrections of texture errors, the log is cleaned
– Fixed weighting for the new physics of the patch 1.27
– For all engines, torque curves and settings for more adequate operation of the automatic transmission
– Calibrated tachometer, now its readings are close to the actual engine speed
– Standalone
– Volvo Dealer
– Interior with DLC Cabin support
– Sounds
– Wheels
– Tuning
– Clean log
– Tank for 1000 liters

Credits: Adaptation under 1.27.x: kv0
Koral, _69_mf_, Anatoly7469. Sound: cepkoc.


Kraz 255 v3 1.27
ETS 2 Mods –

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