Hunger Overhaul Mod [1.10.2/1.7.10]

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Ever thought hunger should be more integral to surviving? HarvestCraft + Forestry/Thaumcraft integration. Harvest crops without having to replant. HarvestCraft village integration. New Forestry backpack. Tooltips on food items. And more…! This mod for you

Hunger Overhaul is modular, you can disable/modify most features in the config.


  • Rebalanced food replenishment values
  • Food from other mods nerfed (1/4 of food value & saturation)
  • Tooltips on food
  • New GUI text shown when low on health/hunger
  • Maximum stack size depends on hunger value of food
  • Eating speed depends on food value
  • Eating food gives a ‘Well Fed’ effect that boosts health regen
  • Crops take much longer to grow if planted in the wrong biome
  • Seeds now have tooltips that indicate the correct biomes to plant in
  • Crops can be right clicked when fully grown to harvest and replant
  • Crops only grow during daytime (not in torchlight)
  • Crops take much longer to grow
  • Crops only give back the planted seeds (extra seeds can be obtained by punching grass)
  • Hunger value set on respawn (including initial spawn) dependant on difficulty
  • Low hunger gives negative effects
  • Hunger loss and healing rate affected by difficulty
  • Players die instantly when hunger reaches zero
  • Different features can be turned on/off in the config file.


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The new HarvestCraft village field

Hunger Overhaul Mod

The new HarvestCraft village water field:

Hunger Overhaul Mod

New desert village sand field

Hunger Overhaul Mod


Crop tooltips showing the best biomes to plant in

Hunger Overhaul Mod

New farmer villager trades (buys HarvestCraft crop produce)

Hunger Overhaul Mod

New butcher villager trades (sells high tier HarvestCraft foods)

Hunger Overhaul Mod

New HarvestCraft chest loot

Hunger Overhaul Mod

Harvestcraft seeds being squeezed in the Forestry squeezer

Hunger Overhaul Mod

How to install:

Download links:

For Minecraft 1.10.2

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.7.10

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2

Download from Server

For Minecraft 1.5.2

Download from Server

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