Hundred Years War Remade

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An de Grâce 1371, already thirty-four years of War in France…

Hundred Years War Remade is the remake of the The Hundred Years War, bringing it a lot new features.

If you are looking for the original The Hundred Years War you can find it here:
The Hundred Years War


  • Doubled the parties in both number and gameplaywise.
  • Regularly spawning lairs waiting to be cleansed.
  • Sprinting with “O” key.
  • Sea battles.
  • Bridge Battles.
  • Shield bashing.
  • Talking with Lord via Town Menu.
  • Critical strike. (“Special Strike” from CC)
  • Ability to set the diplomacy between two factions via campmenu. (Kinda cheating in some situations.)
  • Knight recruitment system has been returned. It is in BETA stage, though.
  • Being able to play as historical lords in Quick Battle or “Custom Battle.
  • You die underwater. (Works)
  • Bounty Hunting. In BETA stage, too.
  • One new quest, you will notice what it is after at least 3 days passes.
  • One new combat move: “Heavy Blow”. Press the “H” key in combat with a Sword. (Not all of the swords are able to do this move.)
  • Better flaming torch. (Egg)
  • New Tavern options. In BETA stage.
  • Special troops.
  • Ability to change the colors of factions.
  • Weather in battles.
  • New presentation for character creation.
  • You can now Decapitate!
  • Freelancer.
  • Anticheating system.
  • HYW feature; Killing a lord in a battle grants you honor and renown.
  • Slavery system. Now you can do some dirty things.
  • Sons of the Kings are now in the party of their fathers. (Not yet)
  • Purpose of “pretenders” has been changed. They love their father now. (Not yet)
  • Whenever the Ironflesh skill is maxed to 15, you will have your max HP doubled for time being.
  • And more to be discovered…

New System

1.There are now “Support troops” in the world, which are only two at the moment:

Priest, having one in your party grants a complete healing to your party every week. To earn it, go to any town and Hire one. (To hire, you must have at least 2000 gold and 200 renown.)

Drunkard, having one in your party grants a complete morale increasel every week. To earn it, you must go to a tavern and speak with one. But, be careful as this folk doesn’t spawn as you progress through game. So, get one by beginning and try not to lose him until I make a new patch for it. (You must have 100 renown and 1000 gold.)

2.Another system is for Knights’ training, now you can hire knights:
Every succession of a quest, earns you a Word. Which you can use it to obtain a Knight from “Camp” menu.

3.The last system I semi-introduced was the Bounty System:
There are Mercenary Outlaw parties around the land, destroy the army but capture the leader alive, to bring it to one of the two Kings. You will handsomely be rewarded.



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Hundred Years War Remade

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