Hill Farm V 1.0 [MP]

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Hill Farm V 1.0

Hill Farm V 1.0

Hill Farm V 1.0

Hill Farm V 1.0

Advanced Standart Map Goldcrest Valley

As in the previous LS15 I liked the Standart Map very well but could never understand why the different animal walks so far away from each other placed and built it to me according to my ideas.

Property therefore for the LS17 a yard at the upper left corner close to the dealer completely rebuilt including all animals a forest area some mods and above all again with a hilly setting provided ? much fun with lg Effe

Installation: Copy BergHof.zip to your Mod Folder

(C: Users YourPCName Documents My Games FarmingSimulator2017 mods)


Digital display of resources / fill levels

Credits – Blacky, Nils23

LPG workshop incl. Animated doors / roller doors, light switch, configuration trigger for vehicles

Credits – fqc art., Niggels Modding

LPG Bergehalle incl animated roller blinds and fans, light switch

Credits – fqc art., Niggels Modding

Sawmill with digital displays. Fuels (wood chips, straw bales, wool pallets) and tree trunks are required for operation. This is used to produce wooden boards (pallets) and waste (wood chips). Sales: At every point of sale which also takes wood chips.


kevink98, Marhu, fasi

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