Floris Mod Pack

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Floris Mod Pack is a combination of a lot of good mods created by the community, bringing them all together and enhancing your gameplay experience. The pack enhances native gameplay by combining a wide range of mods provided by the warband community. Additionally to the new trooptrees, it offers improvements in gameplay, graphics and many other areas.

To make Floris available to as many people as possible, we made several different versions:
Basic: This is just Native gameplay with some added music, sounds and items. If want to play Native with a little extra, this version is the one for you!
Gameplay: This version is a downgraded version of Expanded, allowing people with lower computer specifications to still experience Floris.
Expanded: This version contains everything Floris has to offer.
Dev Suite: If you’re a modder yourself and you’d wish to fiddle with Floris, this is what you need: the source and all resources you’ll need to build your own version(s).


  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Tournaments

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Tournament Winners

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Tournament Winners

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Tournament Option Panel

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Tournament Option Panel

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Tournament Design Panel

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Tournament Design Panel

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Tournament Awards

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Tournament Awards

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod The Knight

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod The Knight

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Tevarin Castle

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Tevarin Castle

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Tevarin Castle Cows

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Tevarin Castle Cows

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Tevarin Castle 3

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Tevarin Castle 3

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Tevarin Castle 2

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Tevarin Castle 2

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Tavern

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Tavern

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Swadian Opening Scene

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Swadian Opening Scene

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Surrounded

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Surrounded

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Sunshine

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Sunshine

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Sunny Fields

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Sunny Fields

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Standing Guard

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Standing Guard

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Split Troops

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Split Troops

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Rumor of the Road

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Rumor of the Road

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Royal Trade Guild

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Royal Trade Guild

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Rhodok Expanded Troop Tree

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Rhodok Expanded Troop Tree

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Proud Thane

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Proud Thane

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Portrait

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Portrait

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Port

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Port

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Mounted Archer

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Mounted Archer

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Monelylenders and Landowners

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Monelylenders and Landowners

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Lone Rider

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Lone Rider

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Fog of War

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Fog of War

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Fog of War 2

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Fog of War 2

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Estatest of the Realm

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Estatest of the Realm

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Dramug Castle

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Dramug Castle

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Distar Castle

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Distar Castle

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Character Creation

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Character Creation

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Camp Menu

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Camp Menu

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Battle Starts

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Battle Starts

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Battle in the Snow

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Battle in the Snow

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Battle in the Forest

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Battle in the Forest

  • Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Battle in the Desert

    Mount and Blade Warband Floris Mod Battle in the Desert


Here I’ll list the features of the Floris Mod Pack. Each feature has noted if it’s present in the Basic, Gameplay or Expanded version.

  • GE: New Combat animations for Swords, Spears & Shields, Polearms, Archery, Two-Handed Swords, Pike-bracing and Shield bashing
  • BGE: Each faction has a unique style
  • BGE: Coloured Faction Arms
  • BGE: New map icons, including some that reflect the scene
  • A new set of items, with:
    B: 1288 new items on top of the native ones, making a total of 1891 items
    G: A total of 863 items
    E: A total of 1856 items
    BGE: a complete overhaul of the items
    BGE: Floris specific items
    GE: Some native items replaced by better ones
  • New songs:
    BE: 109 new songs
    G: 65 new songs
  • E: New buildings for all factions
  • BGE: New banners
  • GE: Lords and companions all have their unique banners
  • BGE: Improved scenes, with better arenas, challenging new castles and redone training fields
  • GE: New face textures for both men and women, specific for each faction
  • GE: More female hair types
  • GE: Women can now wear earrings
  • New sounds:
    BE: 1103 new sounds
    G: 429 new sounds
  • BGE: Improved graphics
  • GE: New skyboxes
  • GE: Expanded terrain borders
  • GE: Better trees
  • GE: A new skill: foraging
  • GE: Troops get (dis)advantages based on the terrain and type
  • GE: Build barracks
  • GE: Better blood tweaks
  • GE: Bodyguards and escorts when moving into towns and taverns
  • GE: Buy your troops ale
  • GE: Custom Commander, which offers:
    Choose an npc instead of the player to lead the battle
    Auto-selling system
    Pathfinding now increaes your party map speed
    Increased speed for a short time when leaving soldiers behind when fleeing
    Extra experience based on your intelligence
    Mystic merchants where you can buy items without knowing the prefix
    The hitpoints of a horse influence its speed
    Custom camera for battles
    View the upgrade trees
    Check ingame the effect of a prefix on an item
    Many mod options in camp menu
    Recruit troops for your own towns and castles
    Change the faction colours
    New quest about solving bandit heroes
    Show shot distance on screen
    Show next pay day in report menu
    Custom troops
  • GE: Customizable sparring matches
  • GE: Custom Player Party Name
  • GE: Diplomacy, which offers:
    Amount of recruits available in villages depends on several factors
    The hitpoints of a horse influence its speed
    As a vassal:
    Persuasion attempts to convince your king to start a war
    Appoint a chamberlain, who will decrease tax inefficiency by 10% and gives you the ability to set tax rates
    Appoint a constable who recruits and trains troops and provides information about garrisons and troops of lords
    Send patrols to important locations
    Appoint a chancellor who sends gifts and messengers to other lords
    Village and town riots may occure if the people hate you and have to pay high tax rates
    Let your spouse buy some food
    Pay staff salary
    Troops will start running away if you go into debts (this also applies to garrisons)
    Return fiefs to your king
    Move your residence (via spouse)
    Negotiate Mid-siege surrender/walk-out terms if defending your own keeps and towns
    Affiliate to families
    Send scouts to settlements
    Pay to avoid defeat
    As king:
    Threaten other kingdoms with war and try to squeeze money out of them
    If a faction sues for peace you will have the option to set terms
    Possiblity to send a gift to another faction (fief or money)
    Send a spy to another kingdom
    Form an alliance, conclude a defensive pact, sign a trade agreement or conclude a non-aggression treaty with another faction
    Change the domnestic policy of your kingdom
    When asking for a truce you will get the option to pay and/or give fiefs to conclude a truce
    If another faction recognizes you as king you will have the option to ask for help against your enemy and in certain circumstances support the decision by paying money
    Choose your faction culture so all your lords will recruit the same type of troops
    Exchange or release your (own) prisoners
    Distribute spoils of war after you conquered a town or castle
    Send emissaries to persuade lords to join your kingdom
  • GE: Expanded dialogues
  • GE: Titles depending on possessions
  • GE: Forced recruiting
  • GE: Formations
  • GE: Join any side of the battle
  • GE: Lancers now use the right weapon in both battles and tournaments
  • GE: Morale penalty based on troops quality
  • GE: New presentations for:
    Character Creation
    Companions Overview
  • GE: Several new orders, like:
    Skirmish mode
    Volley Fire
    Weapon Type Switch
  • GE: Spear Bracing
  • GE: Sea Battles
  • GE: Trade good modifiers
  • GE: Towns and castles receive reinforcements from their neighbouring villages
  • GE: Join the service of a lord as a freelancer, which offers:
    Opportunity to gain ranks, with new equipment & higher pay for each rank
    Ability to desert the army and take followers with you
    Ability to revolt against the lord and release prisoners
    Ability to go on personal leave and remain part of commanders army, altough relation changes
    Interact with commander in a meeting scene
    Ask commander personally to retire from service
    No need to hold space bar while commander travels
    Quartermaster hands you food when you are low
    You can no longer have prisoners as a common soldier
    Player being able to pick up items from the battlefield and keeping them
    Player unable to ride a horse in battle unless his/her troop tier uses them
    Have all items taken back from previous tier when promoted.
  • GE: Estates of the Realm
  • GE: Fog of War, which can be turned off
  • GE: Kingdom Management Tools
  • GE: Landowners and moneylenders where you can buy land from
  • GE: Multiple Troop Trees. Choose between three different types of trees
  • GE: Pre-battle orders & deployment, which means:
    Place orders to your troops before the battle
    Split one troop type into two divisions
    New AI options for using special attack orders, battle AI
    Ranged weapon proficiencies lowered in bad weather conditions
    Flags on the backspace-menu minimap for all divisions, preference screen includes option tips
    Orders to specify to each division which Weapon Type to use
    Original M&B-style feature: De-horsed Cavalry are Re-assigned
    Anti-Cavalry & Horse Trample buffs
    Battle Continuation with two DeathCam modes
    A Custom ‘Follow’ camera mode for in-battle
  • GE: Seafaring
  • GE: Special troops and tactics
  • GE: Trade ledger
  • GE: Trade with Merchant Caravans
  • GE: Tournament Play Enhancements, which means:
    Entry options: choose your equipment, if you have a horse or gain other enhancements
    Renown Scaling: Renown gained from winning a tournament now scales based upon your level
    Companion Specializing: Companions can have permanent entry options set for them
    Randomizing: Retains the general randomness of Native if you wish not to preselect items
    Lord Reactions: Friendly lords that are present at the tournament will have a favorable reaction to your win while enemies will have a negative one
    Lady Reactions: Your relation will improve with all ladies present to witness your valor in the arena
    Persistent Betting: You may select your bet amount from a drop down menu in the settings window that stays set throughout the tournament
    Dynamic Weapon AI: Enemies in the tournament will now switch between ranged and melee weapons (assuming they have acquired both) depending on the distance of the closest enemy
    Player Customization: Players can now elect to disable the mod in game returning tournaments back to function as they do in the native game
  • GE: 6 new companions, making a total of 22 companions

General Notes

  • Since Floris is quite large, it might strain slower pc’s. If Expanded tends to run slow on your machine, you might try the Gameplay or Basic version.
  • Because of this enormous size, the loading time of the mod is longer than you are used to. Have patience!
  • The basic version is compatible with any native savegame. Gameplay and Expanded are NOT savegame compatible with Native or any older version of Floris.
  • If you have any request for an additional mod to be added, just head to the Suggestion topic, and I’ll see what I can arrange for the next version.
  • If you discover a bug, you can report it in the bug topic.
  • If you might help or if you run across problems, you should first read the FAQ. If no solution is provided over there, you can always ask at support.
  • If you want to use this pack in your own mod, you’ll have to ask the authors of each mod in this pack for their permission (check the respective topics!). For the stuff created by me: you can use it as long as you give credit. It would be nice to let me know you’ve used it.
  • Always make a backup of your native files, so you can easily revert back if you want to.


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  • General
  • Crashes
  • Troop Trees
  • Removing or Changing Mods From the Pack
  • Suggesting New Features
  • Modding Floris or How to Use the Dev Suit
Q: Can I get the source code?

Yes: it’s been available for public use since 1.0. It’s since version 2.5 integrated in the Dev Suite, the fourth version you can choose from during install. You can download Floris from the Introduction + Downloads page.

Q: Alright, I see the integrated ‘Dev Suite’ but it is in a different folder format than normal module systems. How do I use it?

Step 1:

You need to update the module_info.py file to have the path for your Floris folder. This way it knows where to put the text files. You can find this folder @ “..Dev Suite FolderModule Infoinfo.py”. Editing this file will bring up a lot of path information which we have setup so that we don’t have to make this alteration for each person on the team. You can ignore everything except the section that looks like this near the very top:

export_dir_main_guest				        = "C:/Program Files/Mount&Blade Warband/"
export_dir_custom_guest					= "./Native/"

The first path (export_dir_main_guest) needs to be the exact path to reach your Warband directory.

The second path (export_dir_custom_guest) needs to be the name of your module folder. Effectively this is just breaking up the path to your module folder into two segments and removing the “Modules” from the middle as that’s a given.

Step 2:

You need to make sure python files can compile on your computer at all. You’ll need to install python 2.6 as explained here.

Step 3:

The old “build module” batch file that the native module system comes with has been altered and renamed. What you want to find is the file “compile_floris_expanded_source_to_custom_directory” which should reside in the main Dev Suite folder. If you’re not using the expanded version of the module then you’ll want the one named “compile_floris__source_to_custom_directory”. This file copies all of the necessary module system & modmerger files into the same directory, compiles everything, moves the text files to your Floris folder and deletes the python file copies afterwards. It is important to note that this only updates the text files (mostly what you’ll want to do) in an already “built” module folder. If you want to build a new module folder from scratch you used the “build_floris_expanded_mod_pack” (or whichever version you prefer) batch file. This will create the module folder you’ve specified back in Step 1, move all of the necessary game files (sounds, textures, resources, etc) into it and then compile the python files. This is a much lengthier process than the compile batch, but allows us to mix and match files in order to create the basic, gameplay or expanded versions of the mod.

Step 4:

This is just to familiarize you with the locations of certain files.

The main module files can be found in -> “Dev SuiteSourceSource – Floris Expanded Mod PackModule”

This is true for all module files for the expanded version and still true for most module files in the gameplay or basic versions. Files specific to the gameplay or basic versions can be found in the “..Source – Floris Mod PackModule” folder. Since the expanded mod has all of the features and most files are the same it made sense to have one editing location for “shared files”

Specific “modmerger kits” can be found in -> “Dev SuiteSourceSource Kits”

In here you can find the source for the entire Character Creation setup, Formations, Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment, Tournament Play Enhancements & Freelancer. These were done as separate kits due to their size and to keep them more easily portable for OSP reasons. If you edit any of them just keep the file where it is as the compiling batch files know to look there for them already.

Step 5:

You’re done. Just make sure if you built a new module to select it when you startup the game.

Q:What are all the Mod Options for?

Record Battle Size as set in Options

Here you need to enter the number that you’ve set in game Options (or with the Warband Battle Size Changer tool) for your battle size if you want to use the deployment feature where you can choose which troops spawn at the start of a battle

Weapon Use Fixes

When the box is “ticked” the ‘fix’ will be active. Un-tick the box to turn the specific fix off. They apply both to your troops and the AI.

Lancer Fix

This will force mounted troops with lances to use them unless they are in close melee or dismounted.

Horse Archer Fix

This will force mounted troops guaranteed a ranged weapon to use that ranged weapon until they are out of ammo or dismounted.

Spear/Polearm Fix

This will force foot troops with a spear or other polearm to use it unless they are in close melee combat, where they will try to switch to a sidearm.

Pike/Horse Damage Tweaks

When ticked, this is active. Untick to turn off.

Horses do extra trample/bump damage to foot troops based on their overall armor/weight. Pikes and other long polearms do bonus damage to horses, and more bonus damage for thrusts.

Distance limit for showing HP bars

Sets how far away you’ll see hit point/health status bars for troops and when they disappear, if you have them activated below.

Show health bars of ally troops

Ticked, you will see health bars at the distance set above. Unticked, no health bars on allies.

Show health bars of enemy troops

Ticked, you will see health bars at the distance set above. Unticked, no health bars on enemies.

String a banner to your back?

Ticked, a scene prop is added to your character’s back (a con) with your sigil on it. Currently non-functional

Others with banners on backs

Select whether your companions, etc should have the banner prop on their backs. Currently non-fucntional

Show battle minimap

Ticked, a minimap/radar will always be in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Unticked, no map unless you hit Backspace.

Size of battle minimap (%)

Sets the size of minimap, if activated above.

Enable Battle Continuation

Ticked, battles will continue after you are knocked out. You can no longer give orders, but your troops keep fighting. By default use the arrow keys and mouse to move the “death cam” to watch the fight, or hit END to switch to a chase cam, roughly similar to the one in multiplayer. Press Tab to retreat as normal. Unticked, your troops retreat and the auto-calc kicks in once you are knocked out, like in Native.

Enable ‘Charge’ after Knock-out

This only applies if Battle Continuation is enabled above. Ticked, your troops receive a “charge” order on your knock out, which may prevent some battles from hanging, but destroys any strategy you had in place. Unticked, whatever the last order your troops had before your character was KO’d, that will be in place until the battle ends.

Enable AI Formations

Ticked, this changes default battle AI. One should see enemy lords being more organized in their troop movements. Unticked is Native battle AI.

Enable AI Spear-Bracing

Ticked, this allows the spear-brace order to be active among AI spearmen, which means that charging any cavalry straight into any group of spears or pikes likely will result in many dead horses. Unticked is Native behavior.

Reassign De-horsed Cavalry to:

Allows you to select another division for your mounted troops to be re-assigned to if their mount gets killed during battle (similar to original M&B behavior). This applies to both AI and the player (though if active, the dehorsed AI cavalry always become infantry).

Reassign No-Ammo Archers to:

Allows you to select another division for your ranged troops to be re-assigned to if they run out of ammo. This applies to both AI and the player (though if active, the AI archers out of ammo always become infantry).

Reinforcement Waves

Allows you to increase or decrease the number of reinforcements that occur prior to the battle round ending.

Report shot distance

Ticked, the scrolling battle text display will list how far each of your bow/crossbow shots goes. Unticked, this is not displayed.

Report extra XP & Wpn Prof

One receives extra weapon proficiencies and XP points due to Intelligence. Ticked, the scrolling battle text display will notify you of these extra points. Unticked, this is not displayed.

Enable Bodyguards in Town/Villages

Ticked, after reaching a certain amount of leadership and renown, you begin earning the right to have some of your companions accompany you when you visit towns and villages, save for in lords’ halls. You can give them orders as if in battle. Unticked, it is as in Native and you always enter places alone.

Morale threshold for consuming food…

Sets the morale level below which your troops will need to eat twice as much food to stay happy. Set it very low to essentially disable this “difficulty enhancement.”

Speed of battles on the map

Adjusts how fast auto-calculated battles between the AI go. The slower, the greater chance you can get to them from a distance, but it also slows down the pace of the game.

Skill penalty from encumbrance

Ticked, you and your companions receive penalties to athletics, riding and horsearchery from heavy armor. Unticked, it is as in Native.

Ranged penalty from weather

Ticked, nighttime, fog and rain will significantly lower the ranged proficiencies of NPCs/bots (based on the level of fog or rain) to help compensate for their dead-eye aim in pitch blackness. Unticked, it is as in Native.

Disable horse speed scaling

Ticked, it is as in Native. UN-ticked, the more injured a horse, the slower it goes.

Allow drowning in missions

Ticked, you can drown if you are under water for a length of time. Unticked, it is as in Native and you can walk at the bottom of a lake for ages.

Disable Companions’ complaints

Ticked, and you won’t hear companions complain about one another. Unticked and it is as in Native.

Enable debug mode

Ticked and you enter debug mode (equivalent to typing “cheatmenu”). Unticked disables the debug mode (“nocheatmenu”).

Probability of rain/snow (%)

Can set the likelihood of precipitation in battles.

Cloud amount

Sets the cloud cover on the map and in battles, which increases the likelihood of rain/snow.

Fog strength

Sets fog strength on the map and in battles.

Q: This mod has huge memory requirements. Isn’t there some way to reduce it while still playing the Expanded version?

JatuWrangler has created an excellent memory reduction program(Download: Warband Tamer). Even tough he posted it in the PoP subforum, it should also work with the Floris Mod Packs. It frees up RAM after battles, etc, hopefully extending your stable play time. Similarly, if you download the Warband Script Enhancer and use it to launch Warband, it will perform the same memory reduction if you open up WSE_settings.ini and set the following:

;Enable the memory optimizer for systems with low memory or large mods (experimental)
enabled = 1

Q: I’d like Floris to be in my native language. How do I translate it?

You can make your game create the .csv files required to translate by starting Warband and clicking on “Configure”. There, turn “Windowed Mode” on. You can also enter Windowed mode by pressing Alt+Enter while the game is running. Once you launch Floris, open a saved game or start a new game. Then, when on the world map, go to the “View” menu on the menu bar in the windowed screen and choose “Create Language Template”. A folder “new_language” will be created in your Warband installation folder, containing all of the .csv files needed to create a translation. (Refer either to snouz’s French Floris translation or the various Native language .csv files for an idea of what needs to happen with them)

Q: My game keeps crashing. What can I do?

There are several reasons why the game can crash. You might want to try the following:

  • Enable ‘Load Textures on demand’
  • Make sure you are using Warband 1.153 (check your RGL log in your main warband folder for this)
  • Lower the battle size. (100)
  • Lower the number of corpses.
  • Disable rag dolls.
  • Lower the texture quality (and other graphical configurations)
  • Run the game on Dx7
  • Force single threading at the console when powering up MB. (Configuration/Advanced)
  • Disable Edit Mode. (Configuration/Advanced)
  • Run another version of Floris, for example Gameplay instead of Expanded.

If this all doesn’t work, you can continue reading this post to see if there’s a solution to your crash. If this doesn’t solve your problem, you can ask for help at Support. Don’t start a new topic about it.

Q: I get crashes while saving a game, during or after a bigger battle or switching screens.

Q: I have a 32-bit system with more than 2GB of RAM, but I still crash.

You might want to check out this topic. In most cases this solves your problems. This is a memory fix.

Q: I tried to use “Load Textures on Demand”, but my game crashed immediately.

Q: The game crashes when I try to change the main game options.

Warband versions 1.143+ are prone to corrupt configuration files. Try deleting the rgl_config.txt file (in the DocumentsMount&Blade Warband folder) and, if necessary, the whole folder found at %APPDATA%Mount&Blade Warband

This will force Warband to recreate your configuration files. Re-enter your settings and you should be good to go.

Q: All the dust from horses causes me to lag terribly! Can I get the old horse dust?

Download the optional Horse Dust file from Downloads. It will use Native horse dust, but maintain the other Floris edits.

Q: The game crashes when I try to enter a town or a castle (or a town’s tavern).

This is a standard Warband 1.143 crash. Open up your “module.ini” file found in your Warband install folder ModulesFloris and edit the line “disable_moveable_flag_optimization = 0” by changing the 0 to a 1. You should not be seeing this in Warband 1.153

Q: I’m using Steam and get conflicts!

Some parts of the mod seem to conflict with Steam achievements, if you’re not online. The workaround is:

  • Enable “Cheat Mode” in the Config menu from the launcher (this disables all achievements)
  • Or
  • Right click on Warband in Steam to get your activation code.
  • Download Warband from the official site and install it.
  • Use your Steam activation code to activate non-Steam Warband.

Q: I can’t start the game, since I get the following error just before the game is loaded: ‘RGL shaders: Out of video memory’, or a likewise error.

Strange but true: this error is caused by the amount of sound effects. If you get this error with the mod pack, it’s best to revert back to the native sounds, or if you’re running with Basic or Expanded you can try to use the Gameplay sounds. To do this, replace sounds.txt by the appropriate one. That’s all.

Q: What’s up with all those different troop trees I can choose from when starting a new game?

Since quite a lot of people disagreed on how the troop tree(s) should look like, I made three troop trees available to choose from when starting a new game. This choice can’t be altered during your game, so choose wisely!

Native: This is the troop tree as used in Native Warband. The troops use items with equivalent stats as in Native. The maximum tier is 5. On average there are 9 troops to choose from per faction.

Reworked: A troop tree that is a middle road between Native and Expanded. The maximum tier is 6. On average there are 15 troops to choose from per faction.

Expanded: A large troop tree that offers quite some specialised troops. The maximum tier is 7. On average there are 25 troops to choose from per faction.

Q: I dont know which upgrade to choose for my soldiers. What can I do?

You can easily check the faction troop trees by clicking Reports and choosing “View upgrade trees”. In there you can look at every single unit, its equipment and its stats.

Q: I don’t like the names or the suffix code. Is there a way to change it?

You can edit them yourself using Morgh’s Warband Tools. I do want to point out that the Native tree doesn’t have the suffixes.

Q: I don’t like any of the trees and would like to create my own Troop Tree. What do I need to know?

There are a few approaches to creating a new troop tree for the Floris Expanded Mod Pack. There are basically two questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do I want to change items/names etc. in one of the existing trees, or do I want to create something completely new?
  • Do I want to edit the text files or do I want to dive into the source code?

I’ll try to explain what to do in each case.

Tools to use:


I’d like to point out that there are per tree, per faction, five extra troops you can use to expand the tree of your choosing without breaking savegames.

Editing one of the current troop trees:

I assume you want to keep the units and keep the current upgrade paths. If not, you should check out one of the other steps.

Text edit:

  • You should have of course the mod installed.
  • Use Morgh’s Tool to open troops.txt (the Troop editor).
  • You can now change the names, proficiencies, skills, stats, items and even random faces.
  • Do not change the Troop ID.
  • If you change the upgrade path, this will not be displayed in the ingame troop tree viewers.
  • Save the file. Congratulations, you now changed troops.txt.

Source edit:

  • Install the Dev Suite.
  • Open module_troops.py of the version you’d like to work with to edit the troops. At the beginning of the file is some explanation about the different aspects of the unit lines.
  • Once you’re done, save the file and compile the source. You’ll get all textfiles: the troops.txt is your modified one and the one you’ll want to share.

Creating a new tree using the text files:

  • The ingame Upgrade Tree Viewer is not generated automatically: that’s something you’ll have to create by hand in the source files. Just tell your users not to look there.
  • Make sure to check party_templates.txt. The reinforcements are defined in here. If you remove a unit, or just don’t use it anymore, you should make sure that it’s also removed from there. Else you might get errors, or see the AI use units that are not in your tree!
  • If you add units to any tree, you can also add them in here. Remember: a maximum of 6 units per reinforcement slot!
  • There are six reinforcement slots (in contrary to the three you’ll find in Native) per faction. reinforcements_a are used for low-tier units in castles. reinforcements_b are used for low-tier units in towns. reinforcements_c, d and e are used in both castles and towns, and are for mid-tier units (altough e is a little bit rarer than c and d). reinforcements_f are used for high-tier units in towns.
  • In the troop editor you can easily change the upgrade path for units.
  • Remember, do not change the Troop ID! In fact, it’s better to not remove any units at all. You’d better use upgrade paths to make them unused. That way the units are ‘dormant’ in the game: not used by either you or the ai. This will keep it savegame compatible, and prefents any conflicts with scripts because suddenly troops are missing while some scripts might need them.
  • It might be a good idea to give troops you’re not using in your tree still upgrade paths to troops you are using, in case the AI does get hold of one of them: it will then upgrade to one of your troops.

Creating a new tree using the source files:
When editing module_troops.py, the upgrade definitions are at the end of the file. Just remember that Upgrade(“ID curent unit”,”ID unit it upgrades to”) is for upgrading into one unit, and Upgrade2(“ID curent unit”,”ID unit it upgrades to 1″,”ID unit it upgrades to 2″) is for two possibilities.

To edit the reinforcements, just open module_party_templates.py. Here you can edit the reinforcements. An explanation is at the beginning of the file.

To change the Upgrade Tree Viewer, you’ll need to open module_presentations.py. Search for the following line:

#Floris: The ingame viewable upgrade tree.

From this point onwards are the presentations of the upgrade trees. You’ll need to know the following:

(create_mesh_overlay, reg0, "mesh_pic_arms_swadian"),
(position_set_x, pos1, 180),
(position_set_y, pos1, 80),

This is the faction picture and it’s position.

        (call_script, "script_prsnt_upgrade_tree_troop_and_name", 0, "trp_swadian_recruit", 60, 340), #Tier 1
        (call_script, "script_prsnt_upgrade_tree_troop_and_name", 25, "trp_swadian_7d", 940, 110),

These are the units displayed in that tree, with their local number, troop ID, x-position and y-position.

        (call_script, "script_prsnt_upgrade_tree_troop_cost", "trp_swadian_recruit", 115, 395), #Tier 1-2
        (call_script, "script_prsnt_upgrade_tree_troop_cost", "trp_swadian_archer", 845, 165),

These are the upgrade costs. No local ID, for the rest the similar to the units.

        (call_script, "script_prsnt_lines", 55, 4, 85, 380), #Tier 1-2
        (call_script, "script_prsnt_lines", 110, 4, 815, 150),

These are the horizontal lines.

        (call_script, "script_prsnt_lines", 4, 300, 140, 230), #Tier 1-2
        (call_script, "script_prsnt_lines", 4, 80, 575, 230),

These are the vertical lines.

        (try_for_range, ":slot_no", 0, 26),

Important: the 26 in this line is the amount of unit ID’s you used a few lines earlier.

If you want to change the size of the units or names displayed, you’ll need to go to module_scripts.py. Search for:


Here you can change the names and units sizes.

Q: My new troop tree is awesome and you should implement it in your pack!

Great to hear that you’re tree is working like a charm! You can send me a pm to share it, and I’ll have a look at it. Maybe I’ll even use (parts) of your tree in the official ones.

Since adding a new tree to the pack is a lot of work, your tree will need to meet the following requierments before I even consider adding it:

  • Your tree needs to be made in the Source Files. It’s a lot of work to transfer from text files to source files: time I’d rather invest to improve the mod pack. It’s ok to use an existing tree and rebuild it to your own one.
  • You need to have made the troop tree presentations in the source files.
  • Your tree must add a new gaming experience, and not just be a few changed items or stats. It must differ from the current trees as Native, Reworked and Expanded differ from each other.

It’s a lot easier to take an existing tree and adjust it than to add a completely new one.

Q: I don’t like the Combat Animation Enhancements in the Expanded Pack. How can I remove them?

Download a revised ‘actions.txt’ file here, or here and paste it over the ‘actions.txt’ to the main mod directory, and say yes to overwrite. You should now have the old animations back while retaining the shieldbash and pike bracing animations.

Q: How can I remove the polished trees, expanded horizons and new skyboxes in the Expanded version?

I advise you to play the Gameplay or Basic version if you don’t want the graphical enhancements, but if you really want to disable it yourself in the Expanded version, you’ll have to do the following:

Disable the new skyboxes:

Replace in the Data folder of the Expanded version the ‘skyboxes.txt’ by the same file from the Gameplay version.

Disable the Polished Buildings and the Polished Trees:

In the module.ini, disable the following lines by putting a # in front of them:

load_mod_resource = exp_bui_general
load_mod_resource = exp_bui_swadia
load_mod_resource = exp_bui_vaegir
load_mod_resource = exp_bui_nord
load_mod_resource = exp_bui_rhodok
load_mod_resource = exp_bui_sarranid
load_mod_resource = exp_bui_player_faction

load_mod_resource = exp_env_grass
load_mod_resource = exp_env_objects
load_mod_resource = exp_env_snow_trees
load_mod_resource = exp_env_trees

Add the folloing lines:

load_mod_resource = min_env_grass
load_mod_resource = min_env_objects
load_mod_resource = min_env_snow_trees
load_mod_resource = min_env_trees

Then add ‘min_env_grass.brf’, ‘min_env_objects.brf’, ‘min_env_snow_trees.brf’ and ‘min_env_trees.brf’ from the Gameplay’s ‘Resource’ folder to the Expanded ‘Resource’ folder. Then replace all files in the SceneObj folder by the ones form the Gameplay version. Furthermore replace the ‘skybox.txt’ in the Data folder by the one from the Gameplay version. Then replace ‘scene_props.txt’ in the main folder by the one form the Gameplay version.

Finally you can take any texture, look at it, take the Native equivalent, rename it to the name in the Expanded version and then replace it.

Q: How can I remove just a part of the graphical enhancements, like the grass or the original trees, from the mod?

You can remove certain plants (let’s call grass and trees and such all plants) from the game, or you can replace them by others (for example, the Native ones). I’ll explain both here:

Removing plants:

You can edit flora_kinds.txt, or Flora_kinds.py. It doesn’t matter much which you edit, altough you’ve got more editing options in the source file (like assigning in which area’s certain plants should appear, and how often). Let’s have a look at how the same line looks like in both files.

In flora_kinds.txt:

beech 12889099276 2
 tree_20_a  bo_tree_20_a
 Elysian_Fields GateKeeper
 tree_20_b  bo_tree_20_b
 Elysian_Fields GateKeeper

In Flora_kinds.py:


In both files we see that this is not just one tree, but a collection of two trees. When you place ‘beech’ in a scene, you’ll get one time the first tree, the other time the other. This creates a little variation in the game. You can understand now that ‘beech’ is the name of a group of trees. I’ll call this a ‘collection’, and the different variations in this group I’ll call ‘trees’.

In the textfile you then see a number: in the source file you see that this number is actually a collection of stats about where these trees appear in the game. tree_1 appears on both plains and tundras, and in both cases also in the forest scenes. The higher the density, the more often it appears.

The ‘2’ in the textfile is actually the amount of trees this collection contains. If you would remove tree_20_b, you would have to change it into a ‘1’.

After this, we see the different trees in this collection. tree_20_a is the name of the mesh, bo_tree_20_a is the name of the collision. The mesh is the part you see on the field: the collision ensures that you can’t walk through that tree. All collisions start their names with ‘bo_’. Most grasses don’t have collisions. The ‘Elysian_Fields’ and ‘GateKeeper’ are parameters for the tree, something I won’t discuss here.

It’s easy to remove a tree, add one if you’ve got a new one or shift a tree from one colleciton to the other. Just change the appropiate line and you’re done. Just remember that it’s not wise to remove a collection entirely, since then suddenly trees in some scenes might not appear anymore.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that this method only covers the plants that can be added or removed in the ingame scene editor. Most grass you see in a scene isn’t editable. If you want to change the appearance of that grass, you’ll need to do the next step.

Changing plants:

  • To change the appearance of certain plants (trees, grasses…), you’ll need to edit the brf-files. A good editor for .brf-files, is OpenBRF. I advise you to get the latest version.
  • Why can’t you just remove one of the brfs from the pack and add a native one or another one of your liking? Because of the way the brfs are made. I’ve put all grasses, trees or snowy trees in their own brfs, but in Native this is not the case. While you can find all the grasses in this mod pack in env_grass.brf, you’ll find all the grass in Native in tree_f, tree_meshes.brf, xtree_meshes_b.brf and probably a few others (I didn’t check all brfs again). But in these files you’ll also find trees, rocks, skeletons and other objects that are also in my mod pack. So if you enable these Native brfs, you’ll get multiple meshes with the same name. If that’s the case, the game loads just the first one that appears in the module.ini, ignores the second one and gives an error (most likely not a crash, but no guarantees there). Since the Floris Mod Pack brfs come at the end of module.ini, the game wil thus load the Native trees and ignore the new ones from this pack. You could of course change the order of files in module.ini, but like I said: I give no guarantees that it won’t crash your game.
  • To get things done properly, we’ll need to take the plants from Native (or any other source) and place them in env_grass.brf, while removing the old plant from there. I’m going to show you here how that’s done. For this example, I’m going to replace tree_20_a and tree_20_b, from the previous example, by the native ones.
  • The first thing we need to do, is locate in which brf files those trees are. In the FEMP it’s easy: since they are trees, they can be found in env_trees.brf. In native it’s a little more difficult to locate: you can find those trees in xtree_meshes_c.brf. Let’s move that native brf to our Floris Resource directory before we edit it, so we won’t screw up our Native game.
  • You can click on the picture to get a larger view. Here we see on the left the Native trees we want, and on the right the Polished Landscape trees we don’t want. As you can see, the collisions have the same name as the meshes, except for the ‘bo_’. This is for easily identifying which mesh and collision are meant to be together. But to be sure, you can always check the text- or source-file.
  • Also you see that the trees are actually made of two different meshes: tree_20_a and tree_20_a.1. This allows different parts of the tree (the branches, the leaves) to have different textures. We’ll obviously need all the different parts to make a whole tree.
  • We’ll delete the trees and their collisions we want to replace in env_trees.brf, so we delete tree_20_a, tree_20_a.1, bo_tree_20_a, tree_20_b, tree_20_b.1 and bo_tree_20_b.
  • There are two ways we could bring the tree_20’s from our Native file to our Floris file:
    1. We export each mesh and collision to an object file, and import these object files in env_trees.brf. To export a mesh or collision, right click on the name and select ‘Export’. You can export it as an .obj. You can also export multiple meshes as separate files. Once that’s done, you can import it in the other brf file by going to ‘Import’, and select ‘Static Mesh’. Now you can import them in the other brf file. It’s demonstrated in this picture:
    2. Since we copied the Native brf file to our Resource directory and we only need those tree_20 meshes and colisisons, we can also delete the rest. Once that’s done, you can go in env_trees to ‘Import’ and select ‘Anything from a BRF’. It’s demonstrated in this picture:
  • No matter what method you used, you’ll end up with the right trees in the right file, still having the same name. You’ve replaced the old trees, but you’re not there yet. The tree is too bright and flashy in comparison to the rest of the plants in the game: it will stand out. Luckily this can be adjusted by changing the texture. I’ve already provided adjusted textures, which you can find in env_materials.brf. You’ll need to adjust the textures for both parts of the tree. In our example I change the leaves from ‘trees’ to ‘tr_trees3’, and the branches from ‘bark’ to ‘tr_bark_d’
  • Now you’ve succesfully transferred the trees into the game. Since they still have the same name, the game will automatically put them in the spot the old trees stood.
  • I advise you to have at least all the Native names present in your brf file, be it with native, polished landscapes or other meshes. This is especially important for the grasses.

Q: Can I change the music in the mod?

Yes, you can. Here’s some explanation on what can and can’t be done:

In order to let M&B play the music in the mod’s music folder, you need to tell M&B to look there for that song first. Let’s look at the source code:

  ("mount_and_blade_title_screen", "menu.mp3", mtf_module_track|mtf_sit_main_title|mtf_start_immediately, 0),
  ("mount_and_blade_title_screen_old", "mount_and_blade_title_screen.ogg", mtf_sit_main_title|mtf_start_immediately, 0),

The first line is the mp3 in the mod, the second line is the ogg in the main game music folder. Since I like both songs, I had them enabled both, so the game plays one time the one, the other time the other.

The main difference between the two lines is this part: ‘mtf_module_track|’. This tells M&B to search the module’s music folder in order to play that song, instead of looking in the main directory.

When we look at the text-files, we see these lines:

menu.mp3 272629888 272629888
mount_and_blade_title_screen.ogg 4194432 4194432

All the information in the lines of the source code is now brought back to two numbers. You’ll see that this is the case for all songs. So changing properties for a song (for example, if it’s in the mod, or where in the game it should be played) is quite easy in the source, but – unless you know how those unmbers work – not that easy in the textfiles.

Some things you should be able to do in the textfiles without much trouble:

  • Take a song you like, rename it to one of the songs in the mod directory and replace that song.
  • Rename ‘menu.mp3’ or any other song in the textfile to the name of a song you like (that way M&B will search for that new song instead of the old one).
  • Copy a line in the textfile and repace the name of the song of one of the two lines by one you aded yourself: that way you can add more musical varity to certain scenes.
  • Delete a line of music: the game won’t play a song in that scene, place or event anymore.

Q: Can I replace one of the new castles with a native (or other) castle?

Yes, you can:

There are two things you must do when exchanging the castle scenes for the native ones:

  • Replace the scenes you don’t like with the Native ones. When you know the name of the castle, you can look at this post I made to check what scene number corresponds to the castle you want to replace. For example, Tevarin Castle has number 23. When you know the number, you’ll see that there are three scenes: exterior (the outside of the castle), interior (the lord’s hall) and prison (the inside of the prison). You’ll obviously want to replace the exterior, so in Tevarin’s case you want to replace scn_castle_23_exterior.sco by its native equivalent.
  • Then open scenes.txt from both Native and from the mod. Search for ‘scn_castle_23_exterior’. In the Floris textfile you’ll find:
scn_castle_23_exterior castle_23_exterior 256 none none 0.000000 0.000000 100.000000 100.000000 -0.500000 0x00000000300005000005ad6b00000ac2000029d300001217 

In the native textfile you’ll find:

scn_castle_23_exterior castle_23_exterior 256 none none 0.000000 0.000000 100.000000 100.000000 -100.000000 0x00000002300658bc0007bded000025520000093800006114 

Replace the Floris lines by the Native ones and save your textfile. Now you’ve fully replaced the Floris castle scene with the Native one (or form any other mod).

Q: I’d like to suggest a new feature, or a new mod, for the pack. Where should I do that?

You can make new suggestions in the Suggestions topic.

Q: Could you add the mod Lots of New Companions? Or at least more companions?

This question has been asked quite often, so I set up a poll to determine how many companions people would like to have added. After running it for a month, I came to the following conclusion:
I’ll start with creating a few new companions. Once this is done, I’ll have a look if it’s possible to create a choice at the start of the game, allowing you to choose between a few or many companions. If this is not possible, I’ll stick with the few I’ll have created by then. If it is possible, I’ll start to slowly work on more companions, but won’t implement them untill they’re all (or at least most of them) done: the results of this vote say that people are really not waiting for an amount in between the few and the lot.

Q: Can you change those foreign names to all English ones, or just remove or change those suffix codes?

Since I do like those foreign names, I’m not changing them into all English ones. You’re more than welcome to do it yourself tough. See here for instructions.


Floris Expanded Mod Pack

Floris Expanded Mod Pack

995.43 MB 16 downloads
Version: Expanded

The Expanded Mod Pack contains all of the coding improvements and graphical changes. It also has the highest requirements for running on a computer.
Butter fix included.
Known Issues

Floris Gameplay Mod Pack

Floris Gameplay Mod Pack

576.53 MB 6 downloads
Version: Gameplay

The Gameplay Mod Pack contains all of the coding improvements, but few of the graphical changes. This is the best download for running the mod on older computers.
Butter fix included.
Known Issues

Floris Dev Suite

Floris Dev Suite

1,021.54 MB 4 downloads
Version: Dev Suite

This contains the source kit for building the Floris Mod Pack v2.55 in Extended, Gameplay or Basic versions.
Butter fix included.
Known Issues

Floris English Troop Names

Floris English Troop Names

53.60 KB 1 downloads
Version: Optional

Renamed troop names in English. Minor stat changes were made as well, but shouldn’t harm save games. Use at your own risk.

Floris Remove Dust Effect From Horses

Floris Remove Dust Effect From Horses

2.27 KB 1 downloads
Version: Optional

This optional file will remove the dust effect from galloping horses. You need to replace your particle_systems.txt file with the one found here.

Floris Native Combat Animations

Floris Native Combat Animations

6.00 KB 2 downloads
Version: Optional

This optional file switches the combat animations in the mod back to their native state. Just use the actions.txt found within here to overwrite your current one.



Here’s the list with everyone who helped in the development of the Floris Mod Pack.


an anonimous contributor

Help with coding:

Language Corrections:
Els P.
jaromirjagr i przyjaciele

Troop trees:

Beta testers during Closed Beta Testing:

For 2.5:
Njorthrbiartr Olafr

For 2.0:

Thanks to everyone on the subforum.
And of course thanks to Armagan and the TaleWorlds team for creating Warband.
I hope I didn’t forget anyone.


There are quite a few mods, scripts and other sources used, sometimes partially, in the Floris Mod Packs. In this post I list them all. I made some handy categories, but I didn’t list mods ‘double’: if I used for example both items and skins from one mod, I listed it under one category.

There are mods that I have explicitly asked and gotten permission from, and there are Open Source Packs that can be used by everyone. To know the difference, I marked all OSP mods like this: [OSP]. You can use these OSP mods freely for non-commercial use, but still need to give credit and notify the creators. For the other mods you’ll need permission form the creators.

In total 143 sources have been bundled together:

Animations (2 mod):

Items (44 mods):

Music (4 mods):

Scene Props (9 mods):

Scenes (6 mods):

Scripts (27 mods and scripts):

Skins (8 mods):

Sounds (4 mods):

Textures (14 mods):

Note: One or more textures on this 3D model have been created with images from CGTextures.com. These images may not be redistributed by default, please visit www.cgtextures.com for more information.

And of course (1 game):

Floris specific works and works by Floris members (24 works):

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