Fliegl TDK160 V 1.0 [MP]

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Fliegl TDK160 V 1.0

Fliegl TDK160 V 1.0

So, today it is time, my Fliegl TDK160 is on the market!

A lot of despair, some trouble and some gray hair later, I finally finished the thing so far.

What was done ?!

Naturally first clean converted
Color selection added (dark or light green (Hg costs 600 € extra!)
Tire selection (Standard (Lizard 385) or Wide (Trelleborg T404, 500)
Volume to 15m³
Price set at 16950 € (real value of a TDK 160-88)
LS17 light system

So, that was then also think of everything.

If you still discover errors please tell me this, then I’ll make an update as soon as possible!

Complete color choice will NOT do it! I’m not a big fan of it, as long as this is not possible in real!

I plan however or so a V2, where the following is planned:

More tire variants (road, Nokian, …)
Dynamic Hoses (I need to deal with it first)
Variable constructions
Foldable side walls + tensioning straps (to make it more versatile)


LS15: Giants Software

LS17 Konvertierung und Bearbeitung: JD7310R

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