Challan Valley v 1.0.1 [MP]

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Challan Valley v 1.0

Challan Valley v 1.0

Challan Valley v 1.0

Challan Valley v 1.0

Welcome to the map CHALLAN VALLEY!
The following has been installed:
Bga Fully functional
Land / grain sale
New shop
Animal husbandry / sheep, cows, pigs, chickens
Many fields were added (with mud)!
Other vehicles for vehicles
Hay warehouse and sale
(More will follow soon)
The map must be unpacked and the additional mods (included in the download folder) must be inserted!

Version 1.01
Bug fixes and minor changes like new field paths, etc.
A new sewage treatment plant now stands next to the farm
Straw bales sales are now at the farm
Hay sale was changed and embellished



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