CanAM 1000 XT V 1.7 beta [MP]

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CanAM 1000 XT V 1.7 beta

CanAM 1000 XT V 1.7 beta

As in the LS13 and LS15 .. now in the LS17

CanAM 100XT ATV:

Maximum speed: 83 KMH
Front and Back Attacher for trailer and lowtrailer
Light standard, turn signal

Beta! This means, the ATV works, but has minimal errors: symbols for the trailers / devices wrong, speedometer has no point, so you drive 83 and not 835 even if it stands there;)


Modell: Giants
Textur: MasterXerion/Graf von Berg
Tester: MasterXerion/Graf von Berg
Sonstige: Giants, MasterXerion/Graf von Berg

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